Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Testimony Tuesday (On Wednesday)

Well, it's definitely been awhile since I've posted some Shaklee testimonies! If you keep up with my other blog, I'm sure you understand why. :)

Here's a great testimony from a client who suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I know some people who suffer from this chronic, annoying issue...I hope they're reading!

Having IBS has caused many uncomfortable and painful years of my life. I have taken prescription medication for years and have watched my diet. Just aber using the Shaklee Optiflora for 1 month, I could physically feel the difference. No more severe stomach cramps or IBS symptoms. At first I thought it was just a coincidence but then the true test came with a few bouts of extremely stressful situations. My IBS was unaffected. I am so pleased with this product! Anyone experiencing IBS should give this product a try YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! 

Thanks for sharing Marla! So glad you're feeling better!

Pre and probiotics can help you with just more than IBS. They help  promoted the growth of healthy microflora that's naturally found in the colon. To make it short...your gut is pretty much where all the action starts in regards to your health. If your gut is happy and healthy, then the rest of you will be happy and healthy!

Our oldest son (3 1/2) has always had a bit of a weak stomach. For about a year, he got a stomach virus every 5-6 weeks. It was awful...AWFUL! Seeing your little one vomiting and feeling awful, but not being able to articulate what would help him feel better is so, so hard. After dealing with this for far too long, we finally put him on the probiotic system and it has helped improve his gut so much! Some people balk at the monthly price of probiotics, but really, it's not very expensive if it means your little one (or you for that matter!) gets sick less often, no doctor copays, and no missed days of work!

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