Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Vitamins and Supplements

A blog I LOVE and read regularly recently posted about why she and her family don't take vitamins or supplements. It was so interesting to read her reasoning and the comments to her post. Some people were pretty annoyed with her, others supportive, others even tried to promote their own businesses by sharing why their vitamins were superior. (Okaaay).

Her families reasons for not taking vitamins or supplements is because they 1) believe the real, clean foods they eat provide the nutrients they need every day and 2) they don't want to pay for the vitamins.

You know what? I can definitely see her point! Obviously supplementing your diet is a personal choice, and she feels that they don't need them. Great for her and her family!

I believe my family needs to supplement with vitamins. We try very hard to eat real, clean food on a daily basis. But, we don't always make it. And we're ok with that. We do our best and move on.

We have a very picky 3 3/4 year old boy who eats like a bird (like his mommy). He's not a good veggie eater, he's not a good protein eater (how can a child of mine not like peanut butter?? or chicken nuggets??).

Because of his pickiness, we give him a daily multi.  It's one of the few multi's that doesn't have added sugar or food dyes. It has all the extra calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D that he's probably not getting through food. We also give him a DHA supplement which has omega-3 fatty acids. Again, he's not getting it through food, so we feel we need to supplement. Maybe when he's older and hopefully not so picky, we won't need the supplements. Maybe not.

As for me and my husband, again, since we don't always eat clean (heck, sometimes I don't get to eat regular meals because I'm chasing after my boys all day long), we've decided to take multi's too.

What do you think about supplementing? Does your family take vitamins? Do you think they're a waste of money?  

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