Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
I should be a case study in how lack of sleep affects your brain. Anyone else seem to walk around the house in circles when they're exhausted?
--- 2 ---
I have finally accepted that I'm not a domestic diva. I can do laundry like no one's business, but I cannot cook. In fact, food scares me. I just shut down at the thought of cooking for my family.
--- 3 ---
I always laugh at people who break out their warm boots, hoodies and long sleeves when we have 2 'cool' days. It's Texas ya'll. There's a good chance it's still going to be 95 degrees come Thanksgiving. If you want seasons, move up north. The high yesterday was 95 degrees. Case in point.
--- 4 ---
I get all self-conscious when I drop my boy off at preschool twice a week. The mommies are beautiful and drive big Tahoe's or Escalades. And I show up in my pseudo-minivan and clothes that are 5 years old because we can't afford anything new. Flashback to middle school. Gah.
--- 5 ---
Living paycheck to paycheck sucks. We've been doing it for FOUR YEARS. Nuff said.
--- 6 ---
My awesome hubby just showed up with a yummo sandwich for me. For ME. I don't have to share one bit of it with my kids! I heart him!
--- 7 ---
In less than two weeks, hubs and I will have exactly 36 hours to ourselves in San Antonio! Without kids! It's been THREE years since we've had even one night to ourselves. I'm sure we'll be spending 24 of those hours sleeping! :)

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