Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things - Skin Care

Disclaimer: I am not paid to review these products. I buy them with my own money and have chosen to review them myself. If you'd like me to review your products, then please contact me!

Since my family has joined the green living, get the processed junk out of our homes, being more aware of what we're consuming revolution, I've switched my skin care products from effective, less expensive, but has junk in it, to effective, a little more pricey, but worth every penny not to have the junk in it.

Here are a few of my new favorite skin care products! 

Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes 

L-O-V-E these! See, I'm really lazy when it comes to washing my face at night. After I brush my teeth, I just want to fall into bed because I'm so exhausted. I've been searching for a great wipe that works well and doesn't have parabens, petrolatum, and all that other funk in it. These are fantastic! They smell good, they work, and they are all natural. Another plus is they don't break the bank.

Burt's Bees Radiance Day Lotion

This stuff is awesome! I'd been using Oil of Olay since I was 15 and it worked well, but it has the junk in it. So I tried BB's a few months ago and have been so happy about it. It doesn't break out my face, I can tell it has SPF in it when I miss a spot on my neck, and it's at a great price point. I heart Burt's Bees!

Enfuselle Hydrating Moisture

Of course, you know there had to be a Shaklee product in there :) My sister in-law is actually the one that got me on this moisturizer. It's wonderful, smooth, doesn't clog pores, etc. It's perfect for all seasons and for all skin types. I'm anxious to try the entire line of our Enfuselle products!

So you might be wondering where I'm getting all this information about the 'junk' and 'funk' in various products. Trust me, I'm not just pulling things out of the air. There's a ton of research out there about what we are actually putting on our skin. The site I refer to a lot for information is EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. 
Skin Deep contains information and online safety assessments for:
75,125 products | 2,966 brands | 260,676,188 searches since 2004

It's helpful and a little overwhelming at the same time. There's a lot of information on the site. Check it out if you ever want to know what's in your cosmetics!

I hope you found this helpful! Tell me, what are you favorite skin care products?