Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
We've been living in a hotel for 11 days because our AC caught on fire after a lighting strike. Hotel living with 2 littles is for the birds. I'm over it and ready to go home!

--- 2 ---
We are pleasantly surprised at how easy our insurance company has made it to get a new AC system. They've been so helpfu and agreed to our submitted bid of a new system. We're getting the wish list of all new AC systems. Did I just write that? What am I, a suburban-mommy-of-two-who's-finally-submitted-to-her-calling? Oh yeah, that's me! And it's the little things like new AC systems that make me giddy!

--- 3 ---
I miss church. I miss it so bad. When will we get back into our routine and start going again?

--- 4 ---
I joined the Twitter world a few days ago. I'm so confused and I consider myself a pretty technical savvy gal. Any helpers out there?

--- 5 ---
Preschool starts for my oldest in a few weeks. I think we're both ready. We both thrive on structure, but this mommy never did get it together this summer with activities, playdates, etc. Mommy fail.

--- 6 ---
We are going minivan shopping this weekend. We've thrown up the white flag and surrender. We need one. We need the convenience of a swagger wagon. ASAP.

--- 7 ---
I literally just got word that we can move home on Sunday. Yippee!! Hallelujah! And with that...I'm off to celebrate!

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