Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to you!

Here are a few blog posts I'm loving this week! I hope you like them as well! And I'd love for you to share your favorites...I'm always on the hunt for new reading material!

My friend and colleague, Amber, shared her wonderful story about how she and her husband were able to get their daughter off prescription allergy and asthma medications! Their journey is awesome and not only is their daughter so much healthier, but they saved over $100 per month just by switching to natural supplements! Annnnddd... she is being flown out to New York this week by Shaklee to share her story! I LOVE testimonials like this! Read it here: Asthma....7 months later

 Lil Blue of my favorite blogs ever. I've been reading Ashley's blog since 2009! Wow! She recently posted a fun tutorial for personalized burlap bags. I think these would be super cute teacher gifts this spring! Read about it here: Personalized Burlap Bags

My friend, Jenny, shared how to clean your stainless steel water bottles using lemon essential oils. This was timely for me...since you're not supposed to put the water bottles in the dishwasher, I've always wondered how clean I'm actually getting them! Read about how to do it here: Sanitizing Your Reusable Water Bottle

Lastly, I just recently discovered this blog, Walking in Memphis High Heels. I'm so loving Laura's style and I wish I had more places to wear her super cute ideas! I'm a workout clothes type of girl during the week, but I LOVE getting dressed up when I can! I really, really love this maxi dress! Read about it here: Maxi

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