Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keeping it Real | What My House REALLY Looks Like

Recently, I had someone comment on a photo I posted about how my home is so clean and tidy. She wanted to know how a work at home mom with two young boys kept her house so clean. Read on to see my post about it on Facebook.

Many bloggers seem to prefer to only show photos of their homes when their clean and organized and I think that's fantastic. But I don't want anyone to assume my entire home is always clean and well organized just from viewing a tiny photo of my counter. Trust me, it's not!

I want to keep it real for ya'll, so from here on out, you might see more pictures of my real life home...not as many of my 'quickly sweep everything off the counters and angle the camera so that it doesn't get the view of the trashed out playroom' type of photos!

So tell me, do you like seeing the 'keeping it real' photos?
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