Friday, December 6, 2013

How to Clean Your Cast Iron Sink in 2 Minutes, 35 Seconds!

We have this great cast iron sink in our laundry room. It's huge and we use it a lot for...well, for just about anything!

Lately, I've gotten the craft bug so I've been doing a lot of creating around the house. If you know me, when the creativity strikes, I just do it. I usually don't have a plan or a space...I just start working. 

Which leads to frequent messes. Well, my latest creative project made a huge mess in our sink. I'm talking glitter, spray adhesive, and black acrylic paint. Yikes!

I tried just rinsing the sink out with hot water, but that didn't help. At all. So I called in the big guns. Yep, you guessed it! My absolute favorite scrubbing paste: Scour Off!

I knew it was going to work in a super short period of time and I wanted to show you how quickly I got all the grime out of this sink...without having to scrub until my arm fell off and without having to use harsh chemicals! I was able to get that sink clean and sparkly in 2 minutes, 35 Seconds! Woo-hoo!

I just LOVE this stuff! Just like the entire Get Clean product line, Scour Off is safe, nontoxic, and it works! Plus, it's a HUGE money saver!

Order here and let me know how you like it! PS: Sign up for a LIFETIME membership and get 15% off retail, plus loads of other goodies!
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