Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to Build Natural Herbal Medicine Cabinet

Helping other families get their lives healthy is my passion so today I wanted to share with you a way you can build a natural herbal medicine cabinet. You don't have to rely on OTC meds to get the relief you need! In fact, I believe using the best natural supplements you can find is an excellent preventative to sickness!

Why Shaklee? Tons of reasons, one being that Shaklee supplements are not only pure and from the earth, but they also have proven results! See the Landmark Study for vital information on why millions trust Shaklee for vitamins and supplements!  

If you want to help your family get over their sicknesses 
naturally and avoid those pesky antibiotics and doctor co-pays, then read on!  Join our family in being prescription free!  Yes, you can do it!!
Here are some of our tried and true tips to keeping the germs away, fighting off colds, coughs, upset tummies, and more!

Swap out your OTC products for the highlighted Shaklee alternatives!

Dr. Shaklee originally called this product “Foot Cream”, but it became known as Basic ‘F’ (face, feet and fanny!) due to its many uses! It's one product to replace 13!
  • Rashes (diaper, poison ivy and oak)
  • Detergent burns
  • Chapped skin
  • Athletes foot
  • Aching muscles
  • Insect bites
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Chafing

Instead of Banana Boat, choose Enfuselle SPF 30 for the Body
  • Patented Vital-Repair contains antioxidant vitamins and botanicals to keep skin from aging
  • UVA and UVB protection adds extra defense against cancer-causing sun rays
  • Paraben free

Instead of store bought aloe vera, which has dyes and other junk, choose Calming Complex
  • Paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The perfect 'after' product: after skiing, after running, after sunburn

Instead of arthritis creams, choose Joint & Muscle Cream
  • Great for minor aches and pain from sports or overexertion
  • Paraben free

Instead of aspirin or prescription pain medicines, which can have bad side effects, choose Pain Relief Complex
  • Muscle and joint pain relief
  • Helps prevent the breakdown of connective tissue
  • Easy on the stomach

Instead of Airborne or ColdEeze, choose Defend & Resist
  • Active Ingredients:  Echinacea to take care of bacteria and Larch tree extract to attack viruses
  • Use as a preventative when flying or in large gatherings of people during cold and flu season or anytime you come in contact with allergy activators 
  • We keep this on hand year round, especially with little ones in school!

Instead of Sudafed or Claritin, choose Immunity Formula 
  • Can reduce allergy symptoms, and relieves lingering symptoms such as cough 
  • Contains Shaklee Guard, a natural antioxidant 
  • Especially good for those with sinus problems 
  • Contains a synergistic blend of Vitamins 
  • Speeds wound healing 

Instead of Gas-X, choose EZ-Gest
  • Offers relief from incomplete digestion of food 
  • Supports complete digestion of: carbohydrates, fats , protein, diary products , gas producing vegetables such as beans and broccoli

Instead of Lactaid, Dramamine, or Zantac, choose Stomach Soothing Complex 
  • Relief for upset stomach 
  • Acid Reflux (GERD) 
  • IBS Colitis 
  • Motion sickness 
  • Morning sickness 

Instead of Tums or Rolaids, which have artificial flavors and food colors, choose Chewable Cal-Mag Plus
  • Acts as an antiacid from natural sources
  • Helps build healthy bones
  • Is excellent for restless legs
  • We use it in the evenings to help our son calm down and begin to relax before bedtime

Instead of Metamucil, choose Fiber Plan Tablets
  • Promotes regularity, aids in digestion and supports colon health! 
  • Especially good for those who are dieting 
  • Insoluble fiber promotes regularity sometimes called “the broom” which helps detoxify the body 

Instead of Ex-Lax or harmful detoxes, choose Herb Lax
  • Natural detox
  • Cleanses tissue cells, blood, and kidneys
  • Gentle laxative

  • Helps decrease allergy symptoms (Our oldest decreased his allergy problems by at least 50%)
  • Provides 300mg of calcium
  • Helps to fight disease causing fungi

Instead of Pedialyte or Gatorade, which contain tons of sugars and artificial dyes, choose Performance
  • An electrolyte drink that helps naturally rehydrate
  • Super helpful during bouts of diahrea and vomitting

Instead of Rockstar, Red Bull, or Monster, choose 180 Energizing Tea
  • Boosts energy 
  • Contains taurine which acts as a calming agent 

I hope you found all of this helpful! Feel free to comment or email me directly ( with any questions! I'd love to work with you to create a healthier family!

I am not a doctor, I do not prescribe anything, nor do I give medical advice. I just have a passion for sharing what I love and what works for our family! As always, consult your doctor first when someone is very sick!!

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