Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shaklee 180 | Summer Shape- Up Promotion!

Here it is friends! The exciting new 180 promotion from my brand partner, Shaklee! Oh, I am so, so excited about this!!

Here's my personal testimony of Shaklee 180!
I've been using the Shaklee 180 program for about 9 months. I was having trouble getting my 2nd baby weight off; mostly because I wasn't eating right. I was running around like a crazy person and skipping meals...the worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight, right?

So my mentor and friend suggested I give the 180 Smoothees a try as a healthy meal replacement along with a daily dose of the Vitalizer strip. I was skeptical at first because I didn't think I'd feel 'full' enough. But I agreed to try them for one week. I was pleasantly surprised at 1) how YUMMY they taste and 2) how I didn't get hungry between meals! Win! Plus, I had more energy thanks to Vitalizer...I was finally getting all the nutrition I needed to keep up with two small boys.

You can read all about my accidental Vitalizer test here.

As I continued using the Lean & Healthy Kit, along with going to Zumba and doing some light weight training several times per week, I started shedding those last few baby pounds FAST! I credit it all to getting the right nutrients and meal replacements from the Shaklee Lean & Healthy Kit!

I even got my husband on it! He drinks a Strawberry Smoothee every morning for breakfast...and he tells me time and again how he's always satisfied til lunch!

Do you want to get $100 in FREE Shaklee products while you're losing weight??

Summer is less than 60 days away! Now is the time to get your 180 started!

Here's how to do it!

New customers join Shaklee with one of the following:

What do you get with one of these kits?

  • FREE Shaklee membership! Our membership gives you up to 25% off retail of every product! Not only can you lose weight, you can get wonderful vitamins, beauty products, children's products, and non-toxic home cleaners!
  • When you join on AutoShip, and keep your 180 Kit on AutoShip for a total of three months, you qualify for: FREE SHIPPING!
  • When completing your 90-day Turnaround, you will receive $100 to spend on Shaklee products!

What?? Oh, yes!

And as always, when 3 friends join you on your 180, your next month's kit is FREE!

That's a whole lot of free things, huh?!

Now, if that's not incentive enough to get yourself ready for summer, then what is? Friends, I have testimony after testimony of my wonderful customers and business partners with success stories from using Shaklee 180. I want YOU to be my next success story!

Contact me TODAY and I'll help you start your Turnaround!

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