Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Homemade Vitamin Water

Something's been going around here. All my boys have complained of scratchy throats and have had lots of runny noses. What do we do in those times? Break out our homemade vitamin water, of course! I wrote about it last year and you can see it here, but I want to tell you again how WELL IT WORKS! As long as you notice your symptoms and 'catch' them in time, Shaklee's Defend and Resist will be your best friend! Our oldest boy will even chew the Defend and Resist because he likes the taste and he knows it helps him feel better!

I made a few batches of our vitamin water for the boys and within 24 hours, they were feeling much better! Woohoo!

(Note: we were out of our Vit D, so it's omitted from this recipe. But we usually add it!)

Homemade Vitamin Water
10 Chewable Vitamin C
4 Defend & Resist
3 Tablespoons Performance
8oz water

Simply crush the vitamins into a powder with a mortar and pestle, then mix with your favorite flavor of Shaklee Performance and 8oz of water. It's so yummy and will keep you hydrated and get your body back on track!

Have you made your own homeopathic cold remedy? What works best for you?