Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh, Hello There!

Hi there! It's me...your long lost blogger! I tell ya, for some reason over the past month I just haven't been feeling the blog bug. We were out of town for a week, we had family in town for a week, and some of us got the stomach virus (ahem, yours truly...the one who pumps her men full of probiotics but forgets to take them herself! Lesson learned!)

On top of that, both my brand partner business with Shaklee AND my own jewelry and accessories store have both taken off in a big way! So THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support this work at home mommy! I SO APPRECIATE YOU!

So it's a new month and new fun things are happening! I can't tell you the big news today, but I can tell you that starting tomorrow, I will be able to offer you an AMAZING deal with our Shaklee 180 line. Oh, I'm so excited about it!

I know many of you are looking for that perfect weight loss or weight management program. I wholeheartedly believe that Shaklee 180 is the best out there. There are no silly gimmicks like wraps, magic green coffee beans, or drink juice only plans. This is the real deal.

Shaklee 180 is all about eating real, healthy foods, having a meal replacement to ensure you're getting your daily nutrition, having healthy, attainable snacks, and of course....plenty of exercise! Our 180 Smoothees, powered with leucine, help you lose almost ALL the fat! check out this diagram!

OK - so stay tuned to tomorrow when we make the big announcement!!