Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Real Dirt on Clean - A Basic H Giveaway!

Are you living in a healthy home?
You know that good, healthy feeling you get when you've just cleaned house? Sorry to spoil it, but you may have just made your home dirtier.

Think of it this way. You wouldn't let your kids play with toxic
chemicals, so why would you let the baby crawl over a floor that's just been wiped with them? That's much more dangerous than the orange juice that was just there.

How dangerous? Just take a look at these statistics.
  • Over 90% of poison exposures happen at home.
  • Common bleach is the #1 household chemical involved in poisoning.
  • Organic pollutants, found in many common cleaners and even air fresheners, are 2 to 5 times higher inside your home than out.
  • A person who spends 15 minutes cleaning scale off shower walls could inhale three times the "acute one-hour exposure limit" for glycol ether-containing products set by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.
  • Common cleaners give off fumes that have been linked to increasing the risk of your kids developing asthma, the most common serious chronic childhood disease.
  • 1 in 13 school-aged children has asthma. Rates in children under five have increased more than 160% from 1980 – 1994.
  • Children are highly vulnerable to chemical toxicants. Pound for pound of body weight, children drink more water, eat more food and breathe more air than adults. The implication of this is that children will have substantially heavier exposures than adults to any toxicants that are present in water, food or air.
  • If your home is anything like the average U.S. home, you generate more than 20 pounds of household hazardous waste each year (the EPA designates toilet cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, oven cleaners, and bleach as hazardous waste). 

Get Those Toxins Out of Your Home!
There are alternatives for these dangerous chemicals and cleaners. Shaklee Get Clean  is a wonderful product line that contains nothing harmful or dangerous. From Basic H to Fresh Laundry, these products not only clean well, they are concentrated down so you only need a little to clean a lot. So as you get the toxins out of your home with Shaklee's Get Clean Line , you save money...and lots of it. 

For example: 
  • Shaklee's Laundry detergent....just 1 ounce does one load.
  • Our BasicH.....just 1/4 tsp added to 16 ounces of water makes a great all purpose cleaner...for only 3 cents per bottle!
  • Basic H for window cleaner .....just 2 drops added to 16 ounces of water makes a great window cleaner....for less than 1 cent per bottle!

And Now for the Giveaway!
Five lucky winners will receive a free sample of Basic H! This tiny packet really packs a punch! You will be able to make two 16oz bottles of cleaner! You're going to save money and the environment with the wonderful product!

Follow the rules below to enter! And be sure to check out my store and let me know which Shaklee products interest you the most! Shaklee- Healthy Life, Happy Life
Good luck!

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