Thursday, October 11, 2012

Giving Back

My husband and I love to give. We tithe faithfully to our church, we help out with neighborhood kids fundraisers, we supported a child in Brazil through Compassion, we are forever giving away clothes and blankets to those in need.

It fills our hearts with joy to give to those who are in need. While we are not well off financially, we have so much more than others and we believe it's our calling as Christ followers to help others, whether it's with money, clothes, time, and/or prayer.

A few months ago we decided to help out another cause that is dear to us, The Wounded Warrior Project. We don't know anyone who is in the military, none of our family is, we don't have friends who are.  But for both of us, the effects of front line combat and war on our amazing troops has shook us to the core.

Personally, I think our country can and should do so much more to help our soldiers who have been at war, have been wounded, suffer from PTSD, or have been killed and left behind a family.  How unfair is it for these brave, amazing men and women (some of them are still kids, for crying out loud), to be sent overseas to witness death, violence, devastation, and things that we could never understand...then be sent back home with a pat on the back and expected to get back into their former 'normal' lives?

I have tears in my eyes just writing about this. These men and women deserve so much more! They deserve help financially, emotionally, physically...they all deserve a heroes welcome home.

Why am I so passionate about this? I really don't know. Like I said, we don't know anyone who is in the military. We don't have first-hand experience with the military life, or how war can change a person and their family.

All I know is that Matt and I have joined The Wounded Warrior Project by donating money every month in hopes that it will help at least one soldier.

With the holidays coming up, people really start thinking about giving and donating. While I think that's wonderful, why not give back year round? Choose your favorite organization and donate just a few bucks a month. I truly believe you can make a difference!

Do you support any causes? What are your favorite ways to give back? I'd love to hear!

Note: This post was written on my own accord. The WWP did not contact me about it; heck, they don't even know who I am!

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