Thursday, November 1, 2012

How We Are Winning the War on Viruses

It's that time of year again. The time of year when kids come home with all kinds of ailments, usually the kind that you don't want to talk about in public. The kind that only happen in the middle of the night when everyone is bleary eyed and barely coherent. Why can't these types of viruses come to fruition at 1pm instead of 1am? Just sayin.'

Well, our littlest one got his first stomach virus the other day.  Normally, these types of viruses last several days with misery all around.

But, since we've been diligent about being a cleaner, greener family and looking more into homeopathic preventative measures, our family has been much healthier. And the times when one of us does get sick, it seems the length has been shortened greatly.

So, little buddy had his stomach virus and here's what we did to help him out:
  1. Upped his daily pre and probiotics. We normally give him one serving per day but I just added an extra dose. 
  2. Continued his daily multivitamin. We love Incredivites from Shaklee. It's the best on the market and it has lactoferrin, which helps build up the kiddos immune systems. 
  3. Put an essential oil blend on his feet. The one we use is called Shield from Spark Naturals, but there are several other essential oil company's that have the same blend (Young Living, doTERRA). This blend wonderful germ-killing essential oil that has been proven to help kill airborne bacteria and boost the immune system. In fact, all four of us have been putting it on our feet everyday to help ward of any 'contamination' from the little one. :)
  4. And sprayed everything he'd touched with Basic G. Love, LOVE Shaklee's Basic G! It kills over 40 microbes and is so much safer than your regular old bleach. Of course, we don't let our kids spray it around the house, but we don't freak out if they get their hands on it like we would if they touched bleach!
Feeling much better!
He was over the virus in about 12 hours. That's a record around here. I honestly believe it has to do with our change to our approach with keeping our family clean and healthy! 

Have you had the bug at your house? What's your go-to to keep healthy?