Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2014 To Do List

Hello and happy new year to you!
As you saw on my last post, I don't do new year resolutions. I have my daily goals and to do lists, but resolutions are just too broad for me.
That said, I'm going to try something different this year. I'm going to list my to do's for 2014. Mind you, these aren't the 'eat healthy-go to the gym-cut out sugar' type of to do's. This is literally things that hubby and I need TO DO in 2014!
Enjoy! :)
  1. Print photo books of each boy's first year.  I actually need to print a photo book for each year of their lives and yes, our oldest is 5, but better late than never, right?!
  2. Finally finish our laundry room once and for all. I will not disclose how many years months we've been working on this, but darn it, it will get done in 2014!
  3. Clean out, organize, sell or throw away the items in our garage apartment. This could possibly be a year long project in itself.
  4. Meal planning. I hate to cook. HATE IT. And I'm no good at it. Matt is the chef of the entire family and what's more...he LIKES to cook! However, he works a lot and it's not fair for him to come home from work and cook us dinner every night. So I'm going to start meal planning so that I can either help him prep a lot before he gets home or actually cook something myself.
  5. Plant some colorful plants/flowers in our front beds. Our front yard landscaping is Blah, boring. It needs color!
  6. Take a cooking class. This should help with #4.
  7. Get going on the potty training with our youngest. It's time. He's ready; I'm just being lazy about it. 
  8. Expand my health and wellness business. I helped 15 families get on track to a healthier life in 2013, I'd love to double that in 2014!!
What are some of YOUR to do's for 2014?
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