Friday, January 24, 2014

Getting to Know Your Blogger

A little about me that you might not know!
  • I'm the oldest of two kids.
  • I grew up in Oklahoma but moved to Dallas, TX as soon as I graduated college.
  • I majored in Early Childhood Education but have never taught in a classroom.
  • I met my husband online via a dating site. I know, I know. We both lucked out!
  • We married in Austin, TX in 2005 (my favorite city in Texas!)
  • We waited 8 months before we took a honeymoon and I highly recommend this to newlyweds! 
  • We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon and it was amazing!
  • We bought our first (and so far only) home in 2006 and immediately started doing DIY home improvements. Does anyone know how long those DIY projects take??
  • I lost my job in 2008, when I was 4 months pregnant.
  • Because of this, I was sort of forced into being a stay at home mom.
  • Which wasn't my immediate plan, so it took awhile for me to get over the guilt of losing my job and get used to my new 'job'!
  • Our first son was born in November 2008 and is just a blessing. 
  • By 2008, we'd installed a kitchenette in our garage apartment, ripped up all the carpet in the house and stained the concrete foundation, added an outside staircase to the garage apartment, remodeled our laundry room, had the exterior of the house painted, had a new roof put on, and started working on installing a sprinkler system. Whew!
  • In December '08, hubs was laid off his job and was jobless for about 6 weeks. Newborn and neither parent with a job? Talk about stressful!
  • By January of 2009, hubs found a new job within the same company.
  • December 2010 we found out we were pregnant with our second child!
  • After noticing I was becoming increasingly sensitive to regular household cleaners, I started a quest to find more natural ways to clean, so I started making my own cleaners.
  • Our second blessing was born on our 6th wedding anniversary in August 2011 during one of the hottest Texas summers on record. We're talking about 115 degree temps!
  • While being a mom to two kids, I found that making my own home cleaners was takign up too much time (and I can't stand the smell of vinegar!), so I did more research and rediscovered Shaklee! I immediately ordered my first Get Clean kit and was thrilled with the ease and effectiveness of the products.
  • After a lot of research, reading, PRAYING, and discussion, my husband encouraged me to share what I love and create my own business by partnering with Shaklee.
  • On the night of our son's 1st birthday and our 7th wedding anniversary, lightening hit our fence and air conditioner and caught them on fire. Praise God a neighbor happened to be leaving his home for the evening and saw our fence burning!
  • We were without an A/C for two weeks.
  • So we lived in hotel for two weeks.
  • Lord help me if I ever have to do that again!
  • In 2012 I helped eight families get healthier, happier lives simply by sharing my personal testimonies and helping them get the products they personally need to be healthier and toxin free!
  • We did lots of short trips to OK and LA where our families live.
  • We took our first family of four 'camping' trip to Caddo Lake in June 2013.
  • My husband got laid off again in September 2013.
  • Praise God he was able to find another job with a fantastic startup and they're doing super cool things!
  • I made big goals for my health and wellness business for 2013 and was able to meet them! I helped 15 families get healthier! Woot!
  • Hubs and I went to Las Vegas for a week without the kids. Well, he was there for work and I just tagged along, but a vacay is a vacay, right?
  • We had a super early (for Texas) ice storm in December that pretty much left us stranded at home for four days straight. Not fun!
  • We had an interesting Christmas at our house with almost everyone getting the stomach virus. Except who didn't get it? Our boys, who I'm totally diligent about making sure they're taking their natural supplements every day! We lived and learned on that all the adults are regimented on natural supplements, too!
  • Matt and I rung in 2014 by painting our master bathroom at midnight!
  • I have big, BIG goals for 2014 with my business...I want to help at least 30 families get healthier, happier, and possibly financially fit this year!
And that, my friends, is a little about me! :)

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