Friday, November 22, 2013

Natural Supplements to Relax

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I here to give medical advice. I'm simply letting you know what works for our family. As always, please contact your doctor with any medical questions before starting any new supplements. 
If you follow my Facebook page, you might remember that I posted about doing a little experiment with my boys about using a natural supplement to help relax and calm them down in the evenings.

Well, we've been doing that experiment for just over a week and now I'm ready to report our results!
We have two young boys, ages 5 and 2. They are awesome and very much boys...high energy! Our oldest has always had a hard time settling down at night. We've tried lavender essential oil to help calm him at night and get ready for bed, but it just doesn't work for him. It seems to have no effect on him. Oh, well. Time to move on and look for another natural option.

After doing some research, I read about how magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer. In fact, it's the most used mineral in our bodies. It's used in hundreds of reaction a day and is vital to the function of every cell in our body. There's actually a huge magnesium deficiency in almost everyone thanks to poor diets, medications, and poor soil for our foods.

Some effects of magnesium deficiency are: muscle pain/spasms, cramps, neck pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, asthma, PMS, restless leg syndrome...the list actually goes on and on!

Magnesium and calcium are considered sister minerals and need each other to work together efficiently. Calcium actually acts to excite nerves and is necessary for muscle contraction, while magnesium calms those nerves. You can think of it as an on/off switch....calcium is 'on', magnesium is 'off.'

Enter Shaklee's Chewable CalMag Plus. This natural supplement is what has been helping our boy calm down and relax much, much easier in the evenings! And it's been helping him sleep better at night...he's not waking up still looking tired! Hooray! We are THRILLED that this simple supplement is helping him so much! Since it's chewable and has a fruity flavor, he has no qualms about taking it. Of course, little brother has to get in on the action too!

After just a few days of using the CalMag Plus, we could see a difference so I told my brother about it. He's been dealing with restless leg syndrome for several years. I suggested he try it and he could tell a difference almost immediately after taking it! I'm so happy for him. I've heard that restless leg is awful!

I just cannot stop singing the praises of Shaklee's Chewable CalMag Plus
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