Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Helpful Cleaners Cost Comparison

Hi there!
I wanted to share with you a great cost comparison for household cleaners. Some folks have a hard time swallowing the Get Clean Starter Kit at $99 (member price). I get it. It's a lot to fork out all at once. I was skeptical at first too. 

But after doing research, I found the cost savings over time are FANTASTIC! Do you want to spend up to $3000 per year just to keep your home clean? Or does about $100 sound more reasonable??

I took a chance on Shaklee's Get Clean line and our family hasn't looked back since! Not only have we SAVED a ton of money on cleaners, but we're using SAFE and NONTOXIC cleaners, too! No need to worry about calling Poison Control if one of our boys or pets gets into the cleaners.

Plus, they work and, a big deal for me...there are no perfumes or fragrances!

Click to see this wonderful Get Clean Cost Comparison sheet of our Get Clean line versus other household cleaners.

Are you surprised at how much it REALLY costs to use the brands from your local stores? And do you know what's really in those cleaners?? You can be assured that Shaklee's Get Clean line is safe, nontoxic, and natural!

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