Monday, November 25, 2013

Five Day Mini Detox | Join Us!

I love Thanksgiving! Love, love it! 

I can tell that I love it a little too much pants are usually a bit tighter from the constant eating and my energy levels are lower from less exercise. I  am personally a big fan of cleaning out once in a while.  No one is perfect, so this is a great time to start fresh!

Which is why a group of us are doing a Shaklee 180 Mini Detox beginning the second week of December! Who's in? Let's do it together!!

Our Shaklee 180 Mini Detox is a five day cleanse designed to rejuvenate, energize, and remove all the junk from your body! It is natural, safe and it works.

Reset your cravings, feel energized, and maybe even loose a few pounds without going hungry!

The Shaklee 180 Kick Start Detox helps my body let go of the junk it wants to hold on to.

To join us,  you need to purchase at least one canister of your favorite Shaklee 180 Smoothee mix and a box of Shaklee 180 snack bars so you can replace meals and snacks in a healthy way. Our smoothees are so tasty and keep you feeling full throughout the day. Plus, since they're powered by Leucine, your energy levels will stay up and you won't get those sugar cravings! 
Special Note: We highly encourage new folks to join with any Shaklee 180 Kit to take advantage of all the free goodies: FREE membership, FREE Shaklee 180 app, FREE BURST workouts, participate in the 3 for Free program, a chance to win prizes from Shaklee, PLUS the "New You for the New Year" offer! Get up to $100 in FREE Shaklee products when you join with a Shaklee 180 Kit and keep it on Autoship for 3 consecutive months!

The rest of the detox items are listed below. I highly encourage you to purchase them to gain the maximum benefits of this detox program! This detox is specific to Shaklee's natural nutrition supplements. 
180 smoothees (chocolate and vanilla chai are my current favorites!)
180 snack bars (lemon/cranberry is fantastic!)
~ fresh, cut up veggies for your snacks (I'll be using red bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, jicama, celery, broccoli)

~ water to drink throughout the day

~ almond milk, cows milk, coconut milk, or water for your smoothees
Once you place your order, shoot me an email at jallen44 (at) gmail (dot) com to let me know and I'll add you to our private group page, which details the daily regimen!

I've done these mini detoxes several times this year. It's so much easier than you might think, and I always feel fantastic after getting the junk out of my body!
Our first DETOX CHALLENGE begins Monday Dec 9th, so place your order ASAP so you'll be ready to begin! See you in the forums!
Jessica :)

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