Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Three Day Mini Cleanse | Day Two

I'm checking in with my day two of the mini cleanse I'm doing! Today was much easier than yesterday! I didn't have any sweet cravings, which is my downfall. We frequently have homemade chocolate chip cookies in the cookie jar, and they're so easy to grab and munch on as a snack. But today, I didn't even think about them. Woot!
I was only able to get in about 10 minutes of HIIT because the boys were all over me today. No worries; I'll try again tomorrow!

Sweet potato juice with added Instant Soy Protein. We like to add the protein to our juices because...well just juice doesn't have enough protein to get me through an hour, let alone til my mid-morning snack!

Chocolate 180 Smoothee with homemade almond milk

Snacks (one in the morning; one in the afternoon)
1 c fresh strawberries
1 organic string cheese
1 c popcorn/rice cake things

Penne pasta with roasted corn, poblano, bell pepper, and grilled chicken (recipe coming tomorrow!)

64 oz
Not bad! Just one more day and I'll be mini-cleansed!
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