Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shaklee is a GREAT Business! | Check This Out!

CBS posted an article about "great turnkey companies for women." These turnkey companies have most of the set-up work completed, and there is only a small investment needed to get started as a business. The main target age for these women is 35-45 (woot! I'm in that target age!). 

Take a look at what they said about Shaklee! There's a reason why Shaklee is such a wonderful company to partner with! Shaklee has been around for over 50 years, with no recalls on their products. 
"The key thing to know about Shaklee is that it is the No. 1 natural nutrition company in the US and is focused on creating the most sustainable and effective whole health product on the planet. To get started, Shaklee offers a full kit of products for $600. They also have a less expensive kit at $300 (with slightly fewer products), but there’s also the ability for new distributors to start for $50…but for that price they only receive business materials (no products). Under their compensation plan, people earn between 20-50 percent and have the ability to participate in a car payment program, trips and other cash bonuses. Their sweet spot is women aged 35-45 that have come out of the workplace or want to come out of the workplace and create their own businesses. These are people that have a passion for healthy living and understand that the things they put in, on and around their bodies make a difference in their long term health. Their key product categories include Healthy Nutrition (core and targeted health solutions), Healthy Weight (weight management), Healthy Home (natural non toxic cleaning products) and Healthy Beauty (personal care products)."

To read the entire article, click here. And to see why I've chosen to partner with this amazing company, click here.

Do you want to join me on this exciting journey of a healthier, happier life? I'd love to help you get started! 

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