Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Day I Dumped My Purse

OK, so what I carry right now isn't really considered a purse per say. It's a very pretty, trendy looking diaper bag. I have two kids, one of whom wears diapers. Said kids constantly need water and snacks, snacks and water. So my bag needs to be big enough to hold their junk and mine.

The bag is deep and has lots of pockets. Things get lost in it. All the freaking time. I can never find my lip gloss...ever!

So the other day, I was at home looking in the abyss for that blasted lip gloss. I found my lip gloss, along with these items:

  • About 5 other lip glosses. Clearly, I have a problem
  • A pink pacifier. Yes, I have boys and I know his paci is pink. We had an emergency one evening and pink was the only color the store had. Whatevs.
  • Every single hair clip I own
  • Two diapers (No wipes though. This is not good.)
  • A packet of sanitizer wipes
  • A measuring spoon (1/2 teas to be exact)
  • A bottle of Thieves essential oil
  • Receipt after receipt after receipt (aka: trash)
  • A dog leash. What the what??
  • Energy teas 
  • Snack bars

So tell me, what kinds of odds and ends do you find in your bag?