Thursday, July 19, 2012

My New Favorite Way to Pack

A few months ago, we took a week long family trip to Dauphin Island, AL.  Getting two parents, two kids, and all necessary clothing, food, accessories, games, toys, etc is a challenge. Our car isn't very big...I guess it's considered an SUV, but it's a small one.

So my brilliant husband bought some big plastic bins to store everything in and it worked like a dream! We saved so much space (and frustration) by using these bins.

Now this is pretty much all I use to pack when we go on road trips!

I took the boys to Oklahoma for a few days and we didn't need much...just a few changes of clothes and our toiletries. I put all our clothes in our Eagle Creek Pack-It bags, which save SO MUCH space, then stacked everything else nice and neat in the bin!

So much better than a bulky suitcase, or a ginormous duffle bag!
Everything we need: Clothes, shoes, toiletries, my beloved Kindle, and of course my Shaklee samples :) How cute is that yellow bag??

Nice, neat, and space saving.

The must-not-forget-or-my-world-is-over-pillow and we're all set! Just need to pop on the lid! Easy peasy!