Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh, Gracious! My Newest Adventure!

I got a whim a few weeks ago that I wanted to start another work at home business, because staying home with two very active boys, plus growing my Shaklee business, all the while making sure everyone has semi clean clothes, good food to eat, and all most of the bills paid wasn't keeping me busy enough! Was that a run-on sentence or what?

So, welcome to Oh, Gracious! Jewelry and Accessories!

If you've been on Facebook lately, you may have noticed there are lots of jewelry and accessory 'auction' pages. Pretty much all those businesses sell/auction/list very fashionable costume jewelry for very cheap prices.

While I love trendy costume jewelry, what I REALLY love is custom, one of a kind, handmade jewelry. So that's what Oh, Gracious! is really going to focus on. Yes, my prices will be more than the other pages, but that's ok. I'm certain Oh, Gracious! will be successful because we're going to offer different items.

There you have it!

Visit my new Facebook page, like it, share it, bid on pieces, and wish me luck!

I'm still going strong with Shaklee! It's not going fact, this month is going to be a record month for me! Yay for work at home opportunities!


  1. A love homemade stuff! I will be sure to check out your facebook page... :D how do you get the inspiration to make these? I visited Michaels Craft and was going to make my own stuff, but i found it kind of expensive. Any tips for me? Affordable routes?


    1. Hi Emily! Unfortunately, I can't claim the cuffs as my own. A local artist here in the Ft. Worth area made them. I WISH I was that artistic!!