Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love to read favorite products of all my blogging friends, and I love to share what my favorite products are! Here is a small selection of my latest favs!

  1. Burt's Bee's Radiance Facial Cleanser - I love how lightweight this cleanser is! It has a light fragrance and leaves my skin feeling super soft and super clean!
  2. O-P-I Cozu-melted in the Sun - There are two reasons why I love this nail color. One is because my four year old picked it out all by himself for me for Christmas (from a selection held by hubby). Secondly, it's because it's so darn pretty and sparkly! The color can be worn year round, even though it's pink!
  3. Shaklee's Herbal Blend Multipurpose Cream - This lotion smells so yummy! It has menthol in it so it has that soothing, minty smell. And it really is multipurpose. I use it on my feet at night to help me relax and I just recently discovered it's FANTASTIC for babies bottoms! My baby had some diaper rash recently. I was out of my usual and gave the Herbal Blend a shot...and it worked! Plus his diaper smelled good. Double bonus! :)

What are a few of YOUR favorite things?

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