Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

Here are my 2013 goals! (I've broken them down into several sections because I'm OCD like that. Order, order, sequence, sequence.)

  1. Get in the Word daily. Every day. It's not difficult, I just need to do it. I've been very lax with reading and praying, except when I'm in need of something from Him. That's not good enough for me. I clearly remember a sermon from our old church where the pastor said our relationship with God is a two way street...we have to maintain our part of the relationship. Also, how would we feel if someone we really cared about only contacted us when they needed something? That sermon hit home for me big time.
  2. Worry less. Stress less. Fear less. Trust more. Believe more. Hope more. Pray more. 

  1. Do a creative project once a month. What? Once a month? That doesn't seem like much, but in my world that seems overwhelming! I used to sew several times per week, but I haven't touched my machine in over two years. I used to journal, but haven't opened my journal in at least a year. Life with two kids that do not sleep well has totally gotten in the way of my creativity and inspiration. That's going to change this year! Here are some of my ideas:
    • Take a creative writing class
    • Take a painting class
    • Bust out the dusty sewing machine and sew...something!

  1. More time offline, off phone, off social media. And more time engaged with the ones that are in front of me.  The days can be oh-so-long, but this time with my boys and husband is precious and I don't want to miss it by stuffing my face into a gadget. 
  2. Print photo books of each child's first year. My bigger goal is to print a photo book of each child's year of life, but seeing as how my oldest is FOUR and I've not started one for him yet, I'm thinking that goal is too big. We'll start with one book per child. 
  3. As a family, get our garden started again. We all had such a great time planning, planting, and reaping the rewards, but then we let life get in the way and neglected it. 
  4. Sunday = Rest day. We're going to take it seriously beginning now. 

  1. Blog more. Duh. Why have a blog when I'm not active on it? My goal is to have at least three posts per week. That seems doable, right? Of course, I want to expand my topics to more than Shaklee information. My blog title is Healthy Life, Happy Life so I want to include more information about my family's personal journey to our healthier, happier life. It may include recipes, health information, or even just activities that I'm doing during the day with my boys. 
  2. More exercise. We all need it, yes we do. 'Nuff said.
  3. Continue building my Shaklee business. 

I'm going to choose THANKFULNESS over frustration, sadness, exhaustion, weariness, jealousy, anxiety, or stress.
I have SO MUCH to be THANKFUL for. I am blessed, truly blessed and I'm choosing to remember it and be THANKFUL for it every day. 

Do you have 2013 goals?