Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Inspiration for this Blog

There are a lot of blogs that I follow that have inspired me (us) to start living more consciously. Here are just a few of my favorite reads:
We know the writer of Conceientious Confusion personally, and I have to say I really think she's the one who has inspired this journey that I'm taking my family on for a more healthy lifestyle. We met Jenny and Christian several  years ago in Dallas at a church group. They are a great couple, well I should say family now since they have two little ones now! Anyway, we always got along great with them and enjoyed hanging out with them...we think they're the berries! Unfortunately, we live literally on either side of the metroplex from each other so it's been years since we've seen them. But thanks to social media, I've kinda gotten back in touch with Jenny!  I've been following Jenny's blog for several years and I really enjoy her honesty and humor at trying to be more conscious with their living and eating. So, thanks Jenny for your inspiration!

Now, don't get me wrong. We are not super green; we don't eat vegan or even vegetarian (I love my Twisted Root burgers!), we use disposable diapers (yes, we do!), we don't drive hybrids (a Tahoe is my dream SUV), we do immunize our kids (we believe it's wrong NOT to do it), and we do let our kids eat sugar on occasion (they'll be fine).

That said, Matt and I both are conscious of the environment and our health, we want to do our part to protect it, we don't like to waste, we want to teach our kids not to waste, we want to develop great eating habits in our kids, and we very rarely eat processed/packaged foods. I'm certain there are other 'points' I've neglected to list, but I think you get the idea. :)

This blog is in no way an effort to try to get you to do what we do, or even agree with what we do. I've experienced comments from family and friends about our choices ("I need my bleach!", "Aren't you fancy for eating wheat bread?", "I can't believe you immunize your kids.", "Don't you know disposable diapers never degrade?").  I can take them. To each his own, right? However, please don't make fun of us for our respectful of us...please!

OK, off my soap box. I hope you enjoy our little blog. If you're not interested, then visit our family blog that has tons of cute pictures of our adorable little boys! :)