Friday, December 7, 2012

My Grand Opening!

I had my first official Grand Opening party for my Shaklee business on Tuesday. I called it my Health and Wealth party. It was a great success! Of course, I didn't get pictures. Boo.

I had to give my two minute story on how I found Shaklee. Can I just tell you how much the idea of public speaking terrifies me? I waited until my very last semester of college before I took the required Public Communications class I needed in order to graduate. Surprisingly, I did not die from sharing my story. In fact, my sweet friends told me I looked like a professional up there! Liars.

After sharing my story, my business partners quickly shared theirs, then we launched into the Shaklee presentation...what Shaklee stands for, how we are the NUMBER ONE natural nutrition company in the US, and a demo of some of our best selling products.

My friends were impressed. Some of them were a little hesitant to attend because they didn't want to be sold ocean front property in north Texas, or feel pressured to purchase something. They (and myself) have had experiences like that from other MLM companies. And it is no fun.

I didn't have the party to get them to buy something from me, however, I appreciate greatly those who did. I had the party to share my passion about Shaklee and how the products have helped our family get clean and healthy! I want to spread the word about healthy, non-toxic living...especially to those I care about.

So everyone who attended the party, thanked ME for inviting them! They told me they were pleasantly surprised that they didn't feel pressured to purchase products. They told me, our presentations were wonderful and gave them lots of insight on Shaklee. I'd call that a huge success!

I can't wait to have another party soon! I love helping others!

Would you like to have your own Shaklee Health and Wealth party? Contact me and we can get you set up!